There are three domains - Industry, Statecraft, and Science. There is one deck for each domain. These domains reflect the focus of your nation, and will provide you with different cards that reflect that focus.



Industry is primarily focused on getting the most out of your resources. If you focus on the industry domain, you will be earning more credits, building the largest ships, and dealing the most damage. Industry wants to build out large, powerful fleets and overwhelm their opponents.



Statecraft focuses on defensive play. Statecraft cards provide ways to protect the systems you control, and build up your developments in an efficient way. It also provides cards that can influence the game outside of combat, by either destroying their ships or giving you an extra turn.



Science is all about finding new ways to get an advantage over your opponents. Science cards help you draw more cards, move your ships around faster, and prevent your opponent from destroying your ships. Getting an edge over everyone else is what science does best.

Systems and Domains


Most systems are associated with a domain. You can see which domain a system is associated to by the colored symbol in the center of the card.

  • A red gear and hammer represents Industry.
  • A golden building represents Statecraft.
  • A green atom represents Science.

If you control a system with a domain, you are considered to control that domain. Whenever you draw a card, you may only draw a card from a domain that you control.

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