Welcome to Star Commander

Star Commander is a card game of exploration, commerce, and conflict. In a single game, you are racing against other would-be empires vying for control of star systems, in order to grow your own influence across the galaxy.

Game Components

This game includes:

  • Three 30-card Domain decks (Industry, Statecraft, and Science)
  • One 28-card Systems deck
  • 106 Ship cards (4 Scouts, 20 Strike Fighters, 18 Corvettes, 14 Frigates, 12 Destroyers, 10 Cruisers, 8 Battleships, and 20 Defense Stations)
  • Four sets of 25 colored cubes (Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green)
  • 20 1-credit tokens, and 20 5-credit tokens
  • This rulebook
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